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Switch Mode Power Supplies


Switch Mode Power Supplies, application designed for Airbus A318, A319, A320, A321, A330, A340, A380

Key features


internal input fuse 1.5 A (recommended circuit breaker 2.5 A)

active power factor control > 0.99

electrical receptable MS24264R14B7PN or EN3646A01412AN


passive cooling, no internal fan

fully qualified acc. to RTCA-DO160

robust anodized aluminum housing


high efficiency of > 90%

output protection ECB (Electronic Circuit Breaker)

MTBF > 78,000 OH

Technical data

Mechanical dimensions

length: 150 mm

width: 130 mm

height: 42 mm

weight: less than 0.6 kg

Electrical data

input voltage: 115 V AC / VF 360 – 800 Hz

input current: nom. 0.7 A

output voltage: 28 V DC

output current: 2.5 A


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