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OLED sign


OLED sign for aircraft lavatory area, approval pending.

Key features


interface connection – flying leads


two discrete switchable OLED (organic light emitting diode) panels

flat design allows small installation depth


uniform light distribution, different colours are realised by filter foils

colour temperatures: 4000 and 3000 K OLED areas possible

L70 (4000 K) 5.000 OH

L70 (3000 K) 5.000 OH

Technical data

Mechanical dimensions

length: 192 mm

height: 78 mm

depth: 10 mm | installation depth: 7 mm

weight: approx. 0,130 kg (without connector)

Electrical data

voltage: nom. 28 V DC

power consumption: nom. 1,8 W each panel


test tab

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