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We extend a wide range of services for our customers, in addition to our electrical engineering services and hardware products.

For example, our Electronic Development Team designs new aircraft parts and works hands on with our Quality Assurance Department to ensure our products meet all certification requirements.

You can learn more about our support services for the aviation, aerospace and maritime sectors by scrolling down.

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Test Services

We offer a series of test services to ensure that our technical components always perform, flawlessly, even in the toughest of conditions of aerospace.

In addition, our in-house teams evaluate how humidity, temperature, and electrical fluctuations impact parts as well as equipment during air travel.

Temperature Humidity Chamber

Aerospace components are exposed to extreme conditions during flight including quick temperature changes, which effect humidity levels as well. We conduct fully automated and individual temperature and humidity tests in our temperature humidity chamber as well as parallel electrical tests to guarantee dependable operation

Electrical Tests

Electrical components installed in aircraft are exposed to all types of conditions, including changes in frequency and power, power interrupts and or spikes. AES performs extensive electrical tests for these specific situations. Naturally, all our tests are ABD-compliant and fulfil the RTCA DO-160 standard.

Associated with the ZARM Test Center

AES works closely with the ZARM Test Center that is also located in Bremen. This close cooperation extends our variety of qualification and test services. With its broad range of aerospace testing capabilities in vacuum, in extreme and variable thermal environments, under vibration, as well as in hyper- and microgravity you can rely on comprehensive qualification services for your products.

Engineering Services

Engineering excellence for air, sea and space

Electrical engineering services are a fundamental part of AES’ business.


Finde more information in our Electrical Engineering broschure…


The AES Electrical Engineering Competency Centre has years of experience developing electrical systems, test equipment, wire harnesses, service bulletins and more. We provide a wide range of interconnected services and offer these services out of our headquarters next to the Bremen Airport. AES meets the high demands of the aerospace industry, both in longterm sustainability and ongoing development. In addition to aerospace, customers from the space, maritime and ground system industries trust us with their electrical engineering needs. This makes AES unique. Challenge us with your electrical engineering requirements.


Our general services include:

+ System analysis and definition

+ Feasability studies

+ Layout and integration services

+ Configuration management

+ Engineering in 3D and 2D

+ Engineering support

+ Manufacturing support

+ On-site installation support

+ In-service support

1. Aircraft manufacturers

We offer electrical engineering for wire harnesses in the AIRBUS long-range (A330 & A340) and single aisle (A318 – A321) aircrafts.

Our services include:

  • Engineering cable harnesses
  • Configuring Head of Version
  • Reconfiguring version splits when required
  • Checking reference documentation
  • Installing harnesses
  • Managing the configuration of harness & installation drawings
  • Handling non-conformities
  • Providing service bulletins

2. Electrical interfaces

We specify electrical interface installations for aircraft galleys in the AIRBUS A330 and A340 aircrafts.

This work includes:

  • Preparing galley interface specifications
  • Preparing part lists
  • Analysing installation spaces
  • Installing wire harnesses
  • Creating interface and installation drawings (2D derivations from CATIA)
  • Handling non-conformities

3. Aircraft fuselage harnesses

We route harnesses in the forward and aft areas of the fuselage of the AIRBUS A330.

Our responsibilities include:

  • Preparing part lists
  • Installing wire harnesses
  • Creating installation drawings (3D derivations from CATIA)
  • Handling non-conformities
  • Conducting studies for future solutions

4. Solutions for non-conformities

We handle non-conformities, by:

  • Coordinating memos (CM)
  • Working query notes (WQN)
  • Designing query notes (DQN)
  • Concessions


These non-conformities can be initiated by a cable harness manufacturer during the manufacturing process (CM) or an aircraft manufacturer, either during the cable harness installation (BB) or the aircraft in-service phase (WQN, DQN).

5. Loadmaster control system A400M

We provide electrical engineering services for the loadmaster control systems of the AIRBUS A400M.

This work includes:

  • Preparing wiring diagrams from principle diagrams
  • Preparing part and wire lists
  • Integrating 3D cable harnesses
  • Creating installation drawings
  • System integration
  • Preparing jig board drawings
  • Providing installation support

6. Electrical change process & on-site installation

We prepare technical repercussion sheets (TRS) and support the on-site electrical integration of integrated fuselage assembly (IFA) for the AIRBUS A400M.

The TRS documents include all the technical changes made during the design phase, along with any possible impact, on other AIRBUS A400M systems. We analyse and track ever change, and define solutions for any necessary modifications. Our on-site installation support employees handle quality documents, such as design query notes (DQN). They provide solution proposals to the assembly line and pass on the requirements to the design office.


Our engineers handle inquiries concerning electrical systems, including:

  • AIRBUS ATA 873 (equipment installation)
  • AIRBUS ATA 878 (cable installation)
  • AIRBUS ATA 879 (cable looms)

Our services also include:

  • Analysing change requests (CR)
  • Completing and verifying modifications

7. Monument manufacturers

We provide electrical engineering for monuments in the AIRBUS long-range (A330 and A340) and single-aisle (A320 –andA321) aircrafts, AIRBUS A380 and A350 aircrafts, along with, the Boeing B737, B747, B767 and B777 aircrafts.

Our engineers offer electrical engineering services and prepare electrical reference documents for:

  • Galleys
  • Bar units
  • Stowage / closets
  • Sidewalls / partitions
  • Pelmets / ceilings
  • Aircraft stairs
  • Crew Rest Compartments
  • LD-MCR (Lower Deck Mobile Crew Rest) partially with stairs for the AIRBUS A340 e.g. Deutsche Lufthansa, Iberia Airlines, Swiss International, Turkish Airlines
  • FCRC (Flight Crew Rest Compartments) for the AIRBUS A340 and MD11F aircrafts e.g. Saudi Arabian Airlines, Air France, Deutsche Lufthansa, Swiss International, Qantas Airways, Singapore Airlines.
  • CCRC (Cabin Crew Rest Compartments) for the AIRBUS A380 and A350 aircrafts, e.g. Air France, China Southern, Deutsche Lufthansa, Korea Air, Qantas Airways, Singapore Airlines
  • Cable harness engineering

We offer the following electrical engineering services for monument manufacturers:

  • Conducting feasibility studies and integration analyses
  • ELA (electrical load analysis), the split-up of existing loads to electric circuits
  • Drafting system definitions
  • Preparing principle diagrams, wiring diagrams, part and wire lists
  • System integration
  • 3D electrical engineering (digital mock-up)
  • Drafting installation plans
  • Preparing assembly drawings
  • Performing grounding and bonding calculations
  • Preparing drawings for electrical control panels
  • Creating drawings for mechanical parts
  • Creating general layout drawings
  • Creating production drawings, e.g. jig boards.
  • Providing installation support
  • Preparing certification documents, e.g. EMI and ECM
  • Retrofitting aircrafts, e.g. AIRBUS A330MRTT
  • Customising COTS (commercial off-the-shelf) products, e.g. ovens, refrigerators, and ensuring aviation standards
  • Preparing service bulletins

8. Tools

Our employees are trained to work with the following tools. Listed alphabetically:

  • AutoCAD ecscad
  • CATIA-CADAM Drafting (CCD)
  • CATIA V4
  • CATIA V5
  • E3. series
  • ICC
  • Primes
  • SAP
  • SeeXP
  • SmarTeam
  • Taksy
  • VPM
  • Zamiz

9. Electronic development

Our experienced electronic development employees have a wide variety of interdisciplinary skills and capabilities. These include electronic, mechanical and optical design and developmental, electrical, and electronic aircraft equipment. We also have our own software development department.


Our teams design customer driven solutions for components and complete systems, e.g. the lighting systems for the AIRBUS A380 lavatories. In addition, we aim to cultivate our product range continually. For example, we use Synopsys SaberTM to simulate the electrical characteristics of systems and sub-systems.

We liaise with the University of Bremen on research and development work.

Additional Services

What else can we offer you?

Certification Consultancy

Qualification services

  • Products developed by AES
  • Products developed by customers
  • Entire or partial qualification processes
  • Household appliances customised for aircraft use (e.g. refrigerator, oven)

Documentation services

  • QTP (Qualification Test Procedure)
  • QTR (Qualification Test Report)
  • ATP (Acceptance Test Procedure)
  • ATR (Acceptance Test Report)
  • GRESS (General Requirements for Equipment and System Suppliers) and related documents
  • GREDS (General Requirements for Equipment and Design Suppliers) and related documents
  • All the required ABD documents


Law and Order at AES – join our Aviation Legislation Training Programme. AES organizes training programs to help aviation companies understand the finer points of aviation legislation. Are you familiar with the responsibilities of the German National Civil Aviation Authority (LBA) and the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA)? What are the duties and responsibilities of the ICAO? Do you know which EU rules and acts are relevant to your business?

AES teaches both management and certified employees things they need to know about aviation legislation. Take part in our training courses to find out the answers to these questions and benefit from our knowledge in aerospace.

We offer two different Aviation Legislation Training courses in German language, which vary in complexity and detail. The training programme is designed for approx. 10 participants. A handout along with various group exercises help attendees absorb this fascinating and helpful information.

1. Aviation Legislation Training for Component Certification Experts

Our certification staff training runs for approx. 3 days. All participants take an exam roughly 4 to 6 weeks after the course. Each participant, who successfully passes the exam, receives a certificate of participation.

2. Aviation Legislation Training for Management

We offer a more condensed version of the training course for management employees. The training course runs approx. 8 hours and does not have an exam.

Topic overview:

  • Laws, decrees, and edicts
  • Administration of air traffic
  • ICAO
  • Design, development, and sample testing
  • Approval of samples and modifications
  • Production
  • Certification
  • Operation + Continuing airworthiness through maintenance and other measures
We offer these training courses either at your facility, or our headquarters in Bremen. Please contact us for further information: or